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And the winner's are!

Hailey Bartholomew - Friday, July 20, 2012

Drum roll please....


So very excited to be announcing the winners to this competition! ;)


The winner of the Fuji x100pro is the lovely Erin Wells!

She shares her grateful below:

I am grateful for my father's life and our wonderful friendship. After unexpectedly being airlifted to the hospital in December 2010, I was told my father suffered from a blown valve, anuerysm, and torn arota of the heart. They would attempt surgery, but had never done a surgery like this and he would most likely die. Being told at 16 that I should start preparing my father's funeral arrangements was the worst thing I had ever been told. Even worse than when my mother left us. My dad has always been my very best friend. Not many people get to experience such a close, genuine relationship, and being told it would probably come to an end, was a terrible experience. But I believe that due to a whole lot of prayer, my daddy survived and came home 2 days before Christmas (when he should've been in the hospital for another month), and we got to spend Christmas morning together, when this photo was taken. I realize every day how grateful I am for his presence in my life and everything he has done for me.


The beautiful 3Annies leather handbag goes to this gorgeous entry by Kortni Miller.


My sons, Eli (4) and Oliver (1 month).  

When I see my reflection looking back at me through the beautiful dark eyes of my son, I am reminded of the greatest hardship of my life and I am filled with gratitude. The way his eyes are shaped, the curve of his lashes and the way they lay perfectly on his cheeks did not come from any gene I have. And yet somehow they are mine all the same. It turns out that the disappointment of only seeing one line on the pregnancy stick month after endless month can be the most beautiful thing you've ever seen when you are holding your three day old baby who would've never been in your arms if the stick had read positive. It's true that I may not ever know what it feels like to have those first minutes when my baby is ushered into the world all to myself. To have the first feel of his skin on mine or soothe his first cry. I wasn't the first to breath in the scent of my sons and it wasn't my heart beat they heard when they laid their sweet heads down. And the first whisper of the words "I love you" into their tiny perfect ears were not mine. All of those moments are deservedly reserved for the first person to ever love them. And for that moment, of witnessing my babies coming into the world, I will always feel a little bit envious. But another type of Mama needed that moment all to herself. And if I had to do it all over again I wouldn't change it. I would, every time, let her keep those first moments of my child's life to herself in return for what she has given me for the rest of mine. I am so very grateful for these amazing women who made me a mother. I can honestly say that I am grateful for the hard road of infertility I have traveled down. The same road that helped me realize that sometimes what you think is the worst thing imaginable, can actually end up being the best thing that has ever happened to you. And the best thing that ever happened to me is this love right here. This heart throbbing, soul-satisfying, hurts so good kind of love I have for my children.


And the lovely winners of the 2 Peppermint subscriptions are:


Aimee Claire:

I am, and always will be, grateful for my husband.  Maybe it's an obvious choice, but sometimes I lose sight of how wonderful he is.  While I may be discouraging at times, he is always encouraging, uplifting and tells me something beautiful every day.


Bethany Walter:


This picture sums up a lot of what I am grateful for. The chalk makes me grateful for fun creativity; the brown grass reminds me to be grateful for hot, sunny days, but also for rainy ones so all things can grow; The little girl, my daughter, makes me the most grateful. For life, for love, for the pure happiness that I could never have imagined feeling until I laid eyes on her. I am so grateful for this life I have been given!




We are so thrilled and excited by the wonderful entries we received!! I love reading all the gratefuls and I am excited to showcase some of them here on the blog soon! ;)


Until next time. Thank you so much to over 600 people who entered this competition and for taking the time to share with us what you are grateful for. Also huge thanks to our lovely partners in this competition!!

Fuji Australia

3 Annies

 and the most lovely magazine Peppermint.


warmest Hailey