About the Project

It all began back In 2008. I was feeling really down. I knew in my head I had it good but I really wasn’t enjoying life!

I started seeing a nun who did life-coaching and counseling. She told me the secret to happiness: according to her it was all about reflection and gratitude. She asked me to try it out each night and write something down about my day that I was grateful for.

It really amazed me how quickly I began to notice things that I otherwise would have missed. I remember sitting on my bed one night and realizing that the little moments I was thinking through were really special and if I had not taken the time to notice them they would be lost forever.

I decided to take the idea seriously and bought a beautiful album and enough Polaroid film to see me through a year long photographic project!

Taking one photo every day of something I was grateful for really re-programmed my brain. Seeing and celebrating the good in my life affected not only the way I felt spiritually and physically but it improved my relationships with others too. The idea has spread all over the world and it has been amazing to see how the practice of gratitude has helped people of all different walks of life.

My hope is that through this website you too will be inspired to discover more about the power of gratitude in your life!


Inspiring films about celebrating life and learning a little gratitude

The Book

365 Gratefuls is a collection of photographs recounting Hailey’s transformation from depression to an unhindered appreciation of the world around her, combined with stories and images from many others from around the world who have encountered the effects of gratitude. This uplifting book will inspire you to look at the world with new eyes, emphasising gratitude over anxiety in everyday moments.

And the best thing is, you can buy it right here!

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The Original 365 Grateful Project

  • The Original 365 Grateful #1
    I like the rain it brings out the cute umbrellas
  • The Original 365 Grateful #2
    Pecans are yum and fun
  • The Original 365 Grateful #3
    A little hand. Lifted her up to top step & she turned and offered her little hand. Warms my soul!
  • The Original 365 Grateful #4
    Change of season... my favourite from tree on our street
  • The Original 365 Grateful #5
    Mum + Dad's property & running around in gum boots. So fun.
  • The Original 365 Grateful #6
    So grateful to be a mum!
  • The Original 365 Grateful #7
    After shooting a wedding there's nothing I like better than Ugg boots and a couch. So grateful when the day is over!
  • The Original 365 Grateful #8
    Every Tuesday I take her riding. Perfect moments... so grateful.
  • The Original 365 Grateful #9
    I love market day. A whole bunch of flowers $2.10... Four new items of clothing only $8!
  • The Original 365 Grateful #10
    I arrived home last night and found he had left a rose petal heart on my bed! He loves me!
  • The Original 365 Grateful #11
    Mintie. Visiting family... this one makes me smile. A double chin delight. Magic!
  • The Original 365 Grateful #12
    Breakfast with dear friends... beautiful day. Pancake and loads of syrup. I'm so lucky!
  • The Original 365 Grateful #13
    Pretending to be a candy cane. Every day she brings lots of love and laughter.
  • The Original 365 Grateful #14
    Finding love all around. For some reason I really like these finds... heart leaf - heart rocks.

Start Your Own Project

A lot of people ask me how they can do their own Grateful project. Well, it’s only limited by your imagination – there’s no one way to do it! However, we’re making it very easy for you. We’ve partnered with Fuji to bring you the perfect solution to get your own 365 Grateful project underway. All you need is a smart-phone and our very cool printer and film package! The Fuji Instax Share printer makes it easy to Shoot a picture on your phone, Send it to the printer (via the Fuji app) and Print 62x46mm pictures that you can put straight into an album. With our exclusive offer to get you started, we’ll send you a printer and nine packs of film (90 shots) all for only $AUD365 + p&h. That’s the first three months of your project sorted!

About Us

Hailey and Andrew Bartholomew live with their two daughters about two minutes walk from the beach in Australia. Along with the 365 Grateful project, they run www.iliketobeme.com which contains resources aimed at helping kids with their identity and self-esteem, and also a very busy film-making and photography business www.youcantbeserious.com.au

Start Your Own Project

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Media Kit

Below you’ll find some articles written about the project which provide examples and background about how the project has been covered in the media.

If you’d like more detail, please contact us for a full media kit.

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