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Hailey Bartholomew - Friday, November 15, 2013

It's been a pretty eventful month or two since we last wrote here.

It has been so exciting to see Hailey appearing on TV, radio, and the newspaper! In case you didn't see, here's the story...

A few weeks ago the Australian version of our book '365 Gratefuls' was launched by our publisher, Penguin Australia. A few months earlier, Hailey's 365 Grateful project was discovered by Australian actor Sam Worthington as he was searching for resources to help a friend who was suffering with depression. He contacted us and offered to help with publicity when the book was launched. Everything worked out perfectly for him to be in Australia at just the right time, and you can hear all about it here in the interview conducted by the Sydney Morning Herald where Hailey and Sam discuss the project and book.
They also appeared on Channel 10's 'The Project" along with a number of ABC local radio stations and Nova FM.

Details of how you can get one of the books for yourself are below!

365 Gratefuls available now

We are pleased to announce that the new Australian version of our book is available now in our shop
. If you order through us we will include a super cute polaroid post card! It's great as an inspiring treat for yourself, and why not buy a few as Christmas gifts for family, friends, workmates or even employees? Bulk discounts are available - just get in touch to find out more. For our international friends, remember you can find the book on Amazon in your country or order it at your local bookstore.

Family life in Laos

Earlier this year, Hailey flew to Laos to do some filming and photography with Tear Australia. The aid and development projects we work on are some of the hardest but most rewarding work we do! You can view one of the films here.

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Gratefully yours...

Hailey & Andrew


Hailey Bartholomew - Wednesday, May 09, 2012

This Fuji Instax grateful competition has been a complete delight.

My inbox has been filling up with amazing and beautiful 'gratefuls' that have inspired and moved me. I don't want it to end! If you just feel like sending in gratefuls to our email (stories@365grateful.com) please do! We might need to do a regular grateful feature here I think!

I can't thank you enough for entering and sharing with us your stories!!

I am very glad that this competition was not really judged because it would have been way too tricky to pick a winner. So many gratefuls and each one so beautiful!! Here are a few pics of us drawing the winner out of a hat!!

Also here is our dog eating it!! ;) 

Probably the most moving was this video below! Special thanks to Kirsteen for letting us share this here:


"I am grateful my husband made it through!

Here is our story (my message to him)

And although he has lost his short term memory I am SO incredibly grateful he kept the moments that really mattered in our lives together.  I am now on a life long mission of documenting our day to day life so that he can have a way to retain the memories of the life that will slip by him."

Kirsteen James


Very special thanks to FUJI for making this whole competition possible. Please do go and like their FB page to show them we are so grateful!! Fuji Instax FB


Now time to announce the lovely winner of this competition!!

 (DRUM ROLL please... The winner is... FIONA FITZPATRICK!


"I’m grateful for the gift of creativity…the opportunity to make art about my life and to be able to share that wonderful process with others.  I am blessed."
Fiona Fitzpatrick,


Once again many thanks to the many people who entered and shared with us. We are so grateful and look forward to running some more competitions and fun things in the months ahead.